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User Comments Users realize Slow Startup after Upgrading to Windows 10 Early this year, Windows 10 has become the 2nd most commonly used PC desktop platform, which is a good news for Microsoft to celebrate. To know more about this breaking news, you can visit Microsoft Firmly Pushes Windows However, more users means more complains in some degrees. After free upgrading to Windows 10, users find that windows 10 always present them with black screen with a cursor on Windows 10, and the launch time is longer than that of Windows 8. By searching on the internet, we find that questions like Windows 10 slow bootup issue are flooded all over forums. Meanwhile, just a few days ago, we received a message left on our site by Blujacket.


If you are ready to jump into this exciting yet sometimes complicated business, you have to differentiate yourself to be successful. For example, there has recently been a jump in the number of interracial matchmaker sites in response, to the trend toward interracial dating. There are even sites that specifically match young women to rich men. You can either set up a local dating service in your town from home to start , or set up a dating site to capture memberships from people all over the world.

From our startup speed dating worksheets – submissions required i enco 4, try the eth zurich. Impressions and ether startup with online longing. Rich man younger woman in contact with startups in internet matchmaking and speed dating event takes place.

In addition, some new private online networks are emerging to provide additional opportunities for meeting investors. That is most commonly the case for intangible assets such as software, and other intellectual property, whose value is unproven. In turn, this explains why venture capital is most prevalent in the fast-growing technology and life sciences or biotechnology fields.

Financing stages[ edit ] There are typically six stages of venture round financing offered in Venture Capital, that roughly correspond to these stages of a company’s development. The earliest round of financing needed to prove a new idea, often provided by angel investors. Equity crowdfunding is also emerging as an option for seed funding.

Early stage firms that need funding for expenses associated with marketing and product development Growth Series A round: Early sales and manufacturing funds. This is typically where VCs come in. Series A can be thought of as the first institutional round. Subsequent investment rounds are called Series B, Series C and so on. This is where most companies will have the most growth. Working capital for early stage companies that are selling product, but not yet turning a profit.

This can also be called Series B round and so on.

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My name is Sean Ellis (LinkedIn), I am an entrepreneur based in San Francisco (I was the first marketer for DropBox, Xobni, and LogMeIn). I am writing because I recently read your article on marketing startup XYZ, and I wanted to write on behalf of the startup I co-founded, GrowthHackers.

By Charlie Stross Hi: Note that “crowded theatre” and “crying fire” are not to be taken literally; rather, it’s a question about how much money you can make by manipulating social media to drive public opinion. I’m going to start with the money markets: However, it’s a bet that, by and large, they lost money on. DM over-simplification alert—the market didn’t tank, his portfolio lost value.

Still, as bets go, it’s a good if obvious example of crying fire in a crowded theatre for pleasure and profit:


Matching inspiring ideas with potential outstanding candidates it is the highlight of every semester. Please note that our application process for startups as well as students is open, also to students and startups not affiliated to ETH or UZH. Registration is possible until 28 March for startups and 13 April for students: Each startup gets a 30 second pitch possibility to present its idea to the crowd, which is then followed by candidates picking out their favourite startups.

There will be overall 12 rounds of speed dates. This semester, the event takes place on Wednesday the 30th of April at an exceptional place – the Dozentenfoyer of the ETH, outfitted with an amazing view of Zurich, guaranteeing a memorable experience.

Startup Speed Dating. Public · Hosted by UZH Startuppers and ETH Entrepreneur Club. Interested. clock. Friday, May 3, at PM – PM UTC+ More than a year ago. pin. Dozentenfoye r ETH, ETH Hauptgebäude, Rämistrasse , Zürich. Went · 65 Interested.

Our selection of five impressive hobbyist 3D printing efforts includes a modified Nintendo Switch controller, and a wave lamp that can forecast the weather, amongst others. Burning Man is an annual gathering in Nevada in which a large effigy of a man is burnt in promotion of peace and understanding. More TU Delft’s 3D printed hip implant makes use of innovative hybrid bio-metamaterials with unique properties Jan. Their 3D printed hybrid implant is able to respond better to forces exerted on it, in a way that should allow more bone growth and thus a more secure fit for hip implants.

Called LUNAR, the project consists of an amazingly detailed 3D printed model of the moon and a companion app that lets users explore the model moon’s surface. More Researchers use aerosol jet 3D printing to develop strain gauges with unprecedented sensitivity Jan. The team created strain gauges that performed better in high temperatures and were more sensitive than previously thought possible, with the help of the aerosol jet 3D printing technique.

More Five-year-old boy with deformed fingers and toes designs 44 3D printed hands for disabled kids Jan. With his courage, hard work, and design skills, Cameron Haight has now helped out a total of 44 people with similar disabilities More 3D printed frog feet: For his Master’s thesis in engineering, van Broekhoven sought to overcome the current problems in manipulating soft tissue by way of 3D printing the toe pads of tree frogs and geckos.

Austrian astronauts to simulate 3D printing on Mars during Oman desert mission Jan. More 3D printed customized orthotic swimming fin helps year-old stroke victim swim again Jan. After a successful collaboration with local graduate students at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the athlete now sports a 3D printed swimming fin, which facilitates strong stroke motions and improved musculature.

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Shed unneeded startup programs for increased speed and responsiveness In extreme cases, users of heavily clogged PCs report Windows startup times in excess of 10 minutes. One of the most common complaints heard from PC users is that it takes forever to start their computers up. When you first buy a PC it seems to come alive in seconds after you turn it on, yet after only a few months of use it can take 3…5…even up to 10 minutes just to load Windows and get started.

In preparation for the latest version of System Mechanic, iolo Labs researched thousands of new programs that tend to silently lodge themselves within the Windows startup process. Plain-English descriptions were written about each program, and then they were tested and categorized as either necessary, optional, unnecessary, or even dangerous. Additionally, iolo Labs invested time researching Windows services, which are hidden programs that start with Windows and remain silently running in the background.

At the ETH-Dozentenfoyer tables are arranged in rows. Like the original formalized matchmaking process of speed dating, there is a small podium with a gong in front. From the ceiling, numbers and names of the startups hang on a sheet of paper to help identify the participants.

January[ edit ] 2 January The study, based on planets orbiting the star Kepler , suggests that planetary systems may be the norm around stars in our galaxy. These outflows, which extend as far as 50, light-years from the galactic plane , are thought to be fuelled by intense star formation. OLED screens are thinner, more efficient and capable of displaying images with greater definition than conventional LCD and plasma screens.

At such temperatures, matter begins to exhibit previously unknown qualities. Following additional testing, the treatment could be used to heal human sufferers of retinitis pigmentosa. Among the new technologies showcased are flexible tablet computers , autonomous cars, medical telepresence robots , ultra-definition TVs and high-efficiency microchips. The company plans to mount the laser on a variety of vehicles for battlefield use.

The exocomets were discovered using the McDonald Observatory in Texas , which imaged the chemical signatures of the comets’ tails. The rifle is also Wi-Fi -enabled, and its software can record its aiming and firing history , potentially allowing law enforcement agencies to track its use. The invention could be used to precisely fashion new medicines or polymers.

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Whether you are looking for co-founders, employees or researchers, you will find them among the candidates through the matching process. You get 12 slots for speed dates to get what you are looking for. The price ranges for participation will be announced soon. You can also apply to become a Premium startup with a large booth.

The Startup Speed Dating connects students and startups in a simple way: you will meet startup founders in short 6-minutes “speed-dates” followed by a networking apéro and afterparty. At the beginning of the evening, each startup gets a chance to present a second pitch.

It claims its platform offers a level of scalability unprecedented in the blockchain world: It would be able to process millions of transactions per second with no transaction fees. Still, as a recent CoinDesk story points out, the company has had little to show for its claims so far, something that has become characteristic for many startups launching initial coin offerings ICOs.

The lightning-fast, high-figure fundraises that blockchain startups have been pulling in lately has raised concerns in the blockchain community. Experts, such as William Mougayar, have warned that this strong short-term performance could very likely lead to poor long-term results. So far the company has sold 20 percent of a total 1 billion EOS tokens being distributed. The distribution uses a ground-breaking token participation model by creating what is intended to be the fairest token distribution project launched on Ethereum to date.

This elongated timeframe eliminates the quick frenzy usually surrounding short token sales, and allows the community ample time to learn about the EOS. IO software being developed by block. The EOS Token distribution also approximates an auction where for every period, everyone gets the same price. At the end of a period, the respective set number of EOS Tokens for that period will be distributed pro rata amongst all authorized purchasers, based on the total ETH contributed during that period.

CEO Brendan Blumer said he expects strong interest in the token to continue throughout the rest of the fundraising period.

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In case the unprobable happens and you find an error, please send us an email about it. Here you can find the history of the software. In case you think something might be wrong, please drop us an email! All comments are welcome! Please note that the documentation provided for download contains more information than the one written on this place here.

Startup Speed Dating was a great success once again! participants and 30 startups had the chance to get to know each other in “speed date style”! Thanks for the support Scandit and Walderwyss Rechtsanwälte!5/5(14).

Ryan is focused on creating the ultimate networking events for senior level executives within the blockchain industry. Token Fest is a media and events company providing distinctive, experiential events to evangelize blockchain technology around the world. He is a serial-entrepreneur passionate about bringing together world-class people and ideas to curate great experiences that accelerate exponential impact. Brinkley’s background founding and leading media and tech companies has enabled him to acquire a unique blend of operational experience across the entrepreneurial lifecycle.

He has co-founded and launched brands such as MegaBots. His first business was a digital music venture where he produced music for over artists, including two Grammy-Award winners. Brinkley is a Fulbright Fellow, and holds two master’s degrees, including an MA in journalism. He’s passionate about applying blockchain technologies to drive positive impact.

Tim has been recognized as a leading supporter of entrepreneurship with numerous awards and honors. He served on the California State Board of Education in , and currently leads an initiative to create six new states in California Six Californias to encourage competition and choice in government. In , he created a non-profit for young children to learn about business and entrepreneurship called BizWorld. In , he created Draper University of Heroes, a residential and online school to help extraordinary young people meet their entrepreneurial goals.

Roszak is a sought after thought leader on blockchain technology, and has testified as an expert before U. Congress and spoken at the U.

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It is important to attempt to identify neighboring businesses as well as common areas. Owner Once the physical locations have been identified, it is useful to identify the actual property owner s. This can either be an individual, group, or corporation.

>>venture>> Startup Speed Dating On Tuesday, 20 March , the annual >>venture>> speed dating event offers interested ETH students the opportunity to garner internships or .

You might have noticed your computer getting slower and slower at startup. This may be due to the number of programs that automatically start. Step Determine if your computer is slow starting up by comparing it to others with the same operating system, processor speed and ram. A computer that is slow at startup and slow to retrieve files can be annoying. First go ahead and defragment your hard drive. This will speed up your computer when accessing files and starting programs because your computer will not have to search all over the hard drive for things that should be located next to one another.

Go to the startup tab. Delete any non essential programs set to automatically start when you power on the computer and this should speed up your computer. You can also use a software program that makes the process easier. It is called Autoruns. The program is free and can be found in the resources below.

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Share I recently participated in a great roundtable discussion video at the bottom of this post on recruiting for startups, sponsored by Menlo Ventures and moderated by Jim McCarthy. Each of our companies is bringing something unique to help disrupt the recruiting space: Readyforce for its attention to linking college students with startups and technology companies, Entelo as a metric-based recruiting tool, and GroupTalent as a high-end job board for software developers.

And of course, ERE as a medium to bridge recruiters with the trends and companies like ours. Here are three of the top takeaways from our discussion that can help firm up your recruiting:

The ETH Entrepreneur Club is a student association affiliated to the ETH Zurich. Entrepreneur Club. Home; We kick-off projects with our own startup competition and accelerate others with workshops and services hosted at our co-working space. Startup Speed Dating. more info. From Science to Startup.

Hacking the HP Z Xeon motherboard into a standard case Posted on Nov 1, in hardware , PC About four years ago now the company I work for were investing in some new servers for a project that we were working on and what turned up were quad LGA socket Xeons with support for up to Gb of memory. We ran Redhat Enterprise Linux on them and they were, and still are, extremely fast linux servers that could operate as physical boxes in our production environment or virtuals in development.

I still want one. I looked around and noticed that HP were doing a very similar board with two sockets and, crucially, it was packaged up into what looked like a normal PC tower case. And it was very expensive, much too expensive to justify forking out for one. Fast forward four years and times have changed. The board is massive. The mounting screws will not mate with any of the ATX holes in a motherboard tray.

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