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Recently, though, the band signed off on its fifth LP Season High, further affirming why its seamless genre-meld is so in demand these days. Congrats on your fifth album! What would you say is its overarching concept? We wanted the album to be upbeat and dancey. And do you have personal favorites from the album? We want for the albums to be dynamic and to take you on a journey. We just do what we do and if we like it, we hope that others will like it. We like all the sounds mentioned above and rather than trying to fit into one, we try all at once. When our first album got released, records were made and sold physically.

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Frontwoman Yukimi Nagano puts in a fine performance, and the record as a whole undoubtedly has something to offer, yet you get the impression that the best of Little Dragon is still to come. 6/ AW.

I remember seeing Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show, but The Beatles’ appearance on the Sullivan Show was almost a universal experience among my generation. As we grew up, so did The Beatles. Their youthful effervescence changed into jaded skepticism as ours did concurrently. The Beatles changed as do all groups in whatever endeavor they undertake change.

Group dynamics are well known and researched. The process model known among all group therapists like myself is “forming, norming, storming, working, and dissolving. They had all written songs in India with The Maharishi, and their cynicism about the experience was well known and publicized. Their return to the UK coincided with a need to turn in an album. Songwriters don’t stop writing, even if they are in India under the Maharishi’s dubious tutelage at least in The Beatles’ point of view. The group reunited in England at George’s home in Esher with a 4 track tape recorder, and acoustically laid down some 27 tracks, playing what they came up with in India for each other.

The results were astounding.

Basic Soul: Interview with Yukimi Nagano

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Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano on Miami, Denzel Curry, and the Normalcy of Success. dating back to a gig at Electric Pickle and more recently at the much-missed Grand Central in

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Little Dragon joins the ranks of high school bands that actually made it. The Swedish electro-pop group—featuring vocalist Yukimi Nagano, drummer Erik Bodin, bassist Fredrik Wallin and keyboardist Håkan Wirenstrand—formed two decades ago in an arts-centric school, yet it took more than a decade to release its eponymous debut.

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Nightdrive and Electric Pickle Present Little Dragon 1/28/11

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Little Dragon is an electronic music group formed in and based in Göteborg, Sweden. The band is made up of Yukimi Nagano (vocals), Fredrick Källgren .

Yukimi Nagano’s voice and vibe has guest-starred on classic jams by Gorillaz and SBTRKT but she always saves something special for her first love, her oddball Gothenburg alt. James Ford his whole career has been a purple patch, this not so much and Patrik Berger produce Little Dragon’s fifth album, opening the shutters up, letting the morning sun freshen the place up. Season High is a fanciful title though, the pop bursts suit Strobe Light, but not the bleepy-for-the-sake-of-it Sweet.

The influence of Lorde looms heavy over these six tracks – Drive You Mad a strident mix of hip hop beats, sirens and passive vocals delivering aggressive self-analysis, while Blood Brothers is a storming electro banger. Like Lorde, Shark’s visual way with words instantly drops you into the scene of the rhymes. Worst Girl with more self-scolding features All Day but it’s more a conversation than ‘insert guest rap here’ while Deleted “you’re a mystery to me but I had you first” mixes her busker past and electronic present with more painfully-honest lyrics.

Adore was no fluke. And Emoji Of a Wave is better than the title it’s been lumbered with. Still oddly a cult act here, album No. Let’s Work It Out and Midnight build pop songs on smart disco grooves, Can’t Control puts haunting vocals over undeniable hooks and Tell That Girl and Great Romances could have slipped on to any Blondie album at their peak.

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Share via Email Yukimi Nagano: She grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden, where she still lives. Their fourth album, Nabuma Rubberband, is out next month. My dad, typical for his generation, loved Bob Dylan and Neil Young.

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Since forming last year, the collective have been hard at work perfecting a sound that has so far led to three very well-received singles, favourable comparisons to such outfits as The XX, Bombay Bicycle Club, and The Cardigans, as well as becoming tipped for bigger and better things by much of the underground music press. How did the band form? We actually all met on a sort-of dating website for bands…we each wanted to meet up with different musicians and jam.

Things just started falling into place, as we all clicked instantly, and it felt like we had known each other for years. Shortly afterwards, our goals all became the exact same — get our music heard, and here we are! What would you say was your songwriting approach? What inspires the band lyrically? Nathan might come up with a catchy hook-line now and again, but Poppy is the poet there. She really sticks to her Manchester roots, and is heavily influenced by her favourite lyricists:

Little Dragon at Revolution Live Fort Lauderdale March 15

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Apr 07,  · Blame JJ: One man’s plan to find love, meaning and a really cool job in Sweden Lying on the floor of my apartment, the music of Swedish duo JJ gently washes over my bruised and battered psyche like a cool summer night : Scott.

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Yukimi Nagano Mix – 1 hour of Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon (vocals, features, and collabs)