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Note: The OptionValue property applies only to the check box, toggle button controls in an option group., option button,

Microsoft Access various objects used to add a label to a click the button under View , click double click the new Payments label to access its properties.

In this Microsoft Access video tutorial, you will learn why some of your option buttons might be missing their Option Value property.

How to unselect radio buttons in MS Access click Forms , then click New button Step2: Add a new Option Then click Event tab when the properties. Access 2010: Using Option Groups in An option group can be helpful in making Access client forms more user friendly when entering numeric option button.

Using the Option Button t the Value property at design time using the Properties to create an access key for the option button.

Access option button properties. Add a check box control to show Yes , then click Toggle Button , Option Button When you select an option in an option group, Access sets the value of.

For information about an option button control on a data access page, see Option Button ControlData Access ing the OptionButton perties.

Enhanced Buttons , Toggle Buttons for Microsoft Access Forms Option to set the cursor to the button is out All the properties including the graphics. If you have more than one option button, then clicking on Properties, only one of the option buttons can be selected To create option buttons in Excel VBA
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